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Ruby Blue is a decidedly unorthodox head-hunting company. We demonstrate our point of difference with a spirit and determination that in turn promotes care and triumph in all of our projects. We have attained a reputation for frank counsel and bold intuition. We can be commercially provocative and yet intrinsically sensitive when pairing human talent with corporate identity.

Ruby Blue was woven from over 20 years in executive search, a stint in fashion textiles and a personal fascination with the unique and the exquisite. We have courted and been courted by luxury / lifestyle brands with which we feel we have a personal affinity. A kaleidoscope of dazzling brands, from small family owned businesses to large international conglomerates

Over the years we have earned the respect (and the wrath!) of some of the most formidable characters in the industry. We are not afraid to champion an individual or a business, if we believe in them. Some of our most lucrative partnerships were created out of adversity. Isnít it amazing how changing someoneís mind can change the direction and prosperity of a business?

We truly love what we do. It is fascinating, infuriating and unpredictable. There is high emotion and drama and a real sense of satisfaction when you get it right.

We may not be your cheapest recruiting solution but we are one of the most professional, expedient and conscientious that money can buy.

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